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About Me

Behind the Words

I have learned through life that sometimes our decisions can cause us to go in directions we may have never imagined. I believe that it is the actions and following our decisions, that truly help us grow and determine who we are, what we can be and where we can go.

I don't try to put limits on myself since I have learned from my past, that those limits hinder us and I don't want to be limited. I like to set my own boundaries and I push this in my spiritual growth, my family, my career and my life in general.

On my site you will find a few different things. My passion for knowledge. My thirst for spreading my understanding of life. My drive to do more things both within and outside of my comfort zone and most importantly, the conveyance of the importance of love and passion. 

I am excited to announce that I have some very exciting plans in 

the future regarding expansion of products and service offerings. 

As a business consultant and entrepreneur, I have created an

e-course to help business owners get started in the trucking industry as well as eBooks on how to DIY Credit and creating a new side hustle.  For more information please visit:

Wanting to donate for any of my endeavors? Click the link at the bottom of page.


NEw beginnings

I have decided to start over and reinvent myself. Not from scratch but with the things that truly matter. Love, Family, Education, Career, Spirituality, Entrepreneurship, Financially and Mentally. All of these things are molded and are constantly changing daily. I am reaching higher heights and stretching my limits so far that some may have broken; I on the other hand may bend, but I will not break.

I want you to journey with me through my artistry, my literature and my life. I invite you to come grow with me and in turn I hope to grow with you. As women we are mighty, powerful, resourceful and a force to reckon with when we put our minds together.

Let me help you reach beyond the limits you have set for yourself and blossom into a new and amazing creature that you never imagined.

My book: The Everyday Super Woman: Finding Balance and Building with Grace as well as The Strong Journal is now available on Amazon!

Please be on the look out. My new book Behind Bars will be released soon!!! 

Pile Of Books

Musings of a Young Artist, Classique Journal

Have you ever thought about just writing? Taking your time to journal so that you can get all your thoughts and ideas out in order to take the first step at achieving great things? This is how I began my journey. I would have all of these thoughts and ideas from forums, conversations and observations that I had to get out of my head. What is your passion? My motto is "Everyday is an opportunity to change/impact a life." Take the step toward the imaginable.

Be on the lookout for my new book! I am excited at the lives that it can change and I look forward to what the future holds.

These are a few of my favorite things

As women, we sometime let life rule us. As a way of de-stressing, these are just a few things that I like to do:

1) Take a hot bubble bath with some luxurious bubbles

2) Read a good book

3) Have a glass of wine

4) Travel ~ Take a brief hiatus

5) Spend a night with the girls!

Used Books

".... I am not afraid of my storms, For I am learning how to sail my ship"

Louisa May Alcott



Thank you for reviewing my Author Portfolio. Please get in touch to find out more.

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