Rediscovering Me

"I have found my glow!" It's back!! Sometimes it can become a difficult task to get back to the happy norm. A life where there is love, passion, balance, wellness and progress. Once you have taken a critical look at yourself and began to put things in order, it is now time for you to 'write the vision and make it plain.' Habakkuk 2:2

Every level in life, there are changes. We never remain stagnant and we should always have a vision for each level. Never forget to set goals for yourself to reach and make sure that they are attainable. Do not choose something that will burn you out! You are needed and therefore we need the "best" of you at all times; with the exception of those one off days.

Don't be discouraged if you do not recognize the 'you' you see in the mirror. Its okay. Growth happens due to the decisions that we make. Now it is time to take a hard look at yourself, make those changes, and determine what you can do to make a greater impact than the day before.