You are not Alone!!!

I wanted to take the time and just mention to you that you are not alone. As women, we sometimes feel like the weight of the world is on our shoulders. It doesn't matter if you are married or single. Marriage sometimes makes it easier but being realistic, with as many women that I have spoken to, it is not always the case. Sometimes you just need your friends to be there. People who are like minded and can just listen to you. I sometimes wonder why some women feel that other women are not genuine or they can't be friends with women. If you feel this way, you do not have the right women in your corner. Think of those who are around you; who love, care and respect you. Even if we don't always want to ask for help, it's ok to ask for encouragement, a kind word, or even a hug. We were not placed in this world to be alone. Reach out to those who you know truly care about you and never go at this thing called life by yourself. YOU HAVE OPTIONS!

Sometimes we have to let down our guard, drop the pride and know that .. not everyone is going to turn their nose up at you and just so you know.. everyone knows that you are human and we can get weak, sad, or maybe even depressed at times.

This week, don't let life trials weigh you down. Look in the mirror, pick yourself up and lean on those who value you. You are great. You are beautiful and You're a Super Woman. Never doubt it!

Until next time... Keep making great things happen!