Me Too Movement

In light of the "Me Too" Movement; its sad that this sort of behavior has gone on for such a long time. Women now have the courage to speak up regarding certain acts and betrayal that has taken place regarding their bodies and their minds. I say their minds because it has been a physical invasion that has now lead to a mental attack. When something such as any type of act of violence or assault takes place; one must actually take the time to deal with it. From going through stages of guilt, denial, perception, pain, trust issues, self esteem issues, self awareness as well as other emotions that may consume an individual. Going through these stages can change anyone and their outlook on life.

As women we need to stop judging those who have been in this type of position. Everyone one who has come forth is not a liar. They may be telling the truth and as women, we should stand up for each other. So many years have gone by where women hid in the shadows of their abusers and now its time to stand up and stand in solidarity. It is not okay for someone, anyone, to violate any person in any way. The abuse needs to stop!

I make a plea to any person who has been in this position to take your life back. Take your independence back. You are more than what you have been through and it does not define who you are. You are beautiful inside and out and its okay to not have everything together and be vulnerable because of your circumstances. We are here to support each other.

Until next time... Keep doing great things