Why do people cheat?

One of the age old questions that, if you have ever been involved with someone who has cheated on you or you, yourself have cheated may ask. Why do people cheat? Is it something that you have done or have not done? No person is perfect and no relationship is perfect but can someone drive their significant other to cheat? Is it harder to walk away from the relationship, so you go looking for what you(they) need to fulfill themselves(yourself) outside of the relationship? Do you(they) not want to leave because it is comfortable? What are the thought processes behind this?

As a woman, we face many trials, some we cause and some we are placed into. There are so many thoughts, feelings, emotions that can come into place when someone has been cheated on or even if you are the one that has cheated. One thing that I have learned from both women and men is that communication is a subject that was lacking at the time. Patience was lacking. There may have been anger stewing. Forgiveness had not taken place. Lack of respect. Low self esteem. So many different issues that some use as reasons for cheating. Ultimately to cheat or not to cheat is a choice. Cheating has such a negative impact on people and families. I personally feel that if you need to cheat, you need to just walk away. The only thing that would be missing from the relationship is "you." The true and genuine you. The "I'm in 100%" you.

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