Under Construction

Hello Everyone!

I took a brief hiatus to take some time and enjoy life and travel. Also during this time I found out just how you can begin to fall into a pattern of incompletion. What I mean is that, for weeks I have been writing this blog, talking about this blog and at no point did I open it up to begin to pour out the details of what I was thinking. This type of behavior I have seen before, on many occasions I might add, where I needed to push myself forward.

I had the opportunity to speak with a very close friend of mine and from out of that conversation which consisted of me venting, her listening, me venting some more, I realized that I had begun to keep many issues that may still bother me under wraps. I was no longer communicating. So not only was I not communicating with you guys, I just let any negative feelings that I had continue to fester. I also noticed that my energy levels began to drop as well.

I went from Fun Times traveling with family to coming back, jumping back into work and slowly digressing back to my old self. I was finding it easier not to talk. I had gone through months of forcing myself to face my issues head first, to slowly going back to being introverted and numb to my life. My friend had to remind me that this life that I am living, the challenges that I am facing, the trials and tribulations are for others to know that in their lives.. they can survive.. we can all survive one step at a time, but you have to know when you may be falling back into your old ways, communicate well and communicate often.

I am completing this blog as a way of getting back out there but also for you to look at your own circle. Do you have someone in your circle that knows you, that you trust, that can point out (at times) the harsh realities and you can still truly love each other for it afterwards? I understand friendships are important. I believe you should always have a circle of friends. Make sure it is the right circle of friends who can reel you back in just in case you have gone too deep.

We are continuously under construction. We are growing daily and it is up to up to continue growing and never remain stagnant. We hold each other up. We build each other up. This is what life is about. Grow. Trust. Love. Prosper.

Until next time, keep doing great things!