No Detours Allowed!

I was contemplating on how many times I have made plans to complete different tasks and I didn't follow through with them at the allotted time I set aside to do so. Then after a while, I would come right back to it and I have thought on many occasions.. I should have just completed it in the first place. Have you had moments such as this? Thoughts when you had a goal that you knew that you could achieve but you just set it to the side. At some point we all have to make the decision to stop, breathe, and follow through.

I understand that sometimes life gets in the way but we cannot use this as an excuse to not finish a project, give life to an idea, or a manifestation of a vision. We have to understand that we wear many hats but after all the juggling, we still need to live, grow, and give birth to new ideas.

This week I challenge you to set a task and complete it. It could be completing your homework before its due. Getting the kids school clothes ready before you wake up in the morning. Cook your dinner early. Complete a vision board. Write a chapter in your book. Complete your blog. Whatever ever it is.. JUST DO IT! A task is only as long and drawn out as we allow it to be. Just think about it.

Until next time. Keep doing great things!