Are you ok or numb?

This week I am reading Sarah Jakes Roberts book titled Don't Settle For Safe. In one chapter she speaks about determining if you are truly "ok" or just numb. Many times I find myself cutting things off and out of my life. This behavior is not one that will lead to healing, overcoming or advancing; it actually stunts your growth. By not truly working through your issues, you are embracing the numbness and you are missing 1 key point. In order to grow you must learn. Learn from your mistakes. Learn from your disappointment. Embrace your brokenness and deal with your pain. You learn to deal with who you are now and who you used to be. You reflect on it and then leave the past in the past.

A numb life is one where you shut yourself off from establishing relationships, falling in love, advancing to the next level in your career or stepping out on faith, all due to fear and the possibility of rejection. So instead of living and truly experiencing life, when someone asks what's next in your life or career you say "I'm okay with where I am," "I'm okay with not getting promoted," "Our relationship is okay, not everyone needs a sheet of paper." Some of these may be true but some of these excuses we accept because we are comfortable, afraid of rejection or numb.

I challenge you this week and the same as others. Don't settle because you are afraid of outcomes. Sometimes you have to accept the outcome, potential for rejection and face the situations head on. Ask the tough questions and deal with the "real" answers. You will be better for it.

Until next time... Keep doing great things!