Don't Forget To Celebrate You!!

With everything that is going on it's hard to focus. I find myself veering off and thinking about the countless lives that have been lost, discriminated against and where our future is headed. What will this look like for myself, my daughter and son? I have now begun to question the next steps to take.

This year was monumental for me. I not only completed my Doctorate in Education but I did it in circumstances that were not the best. For years I allowed my situation deter me but FINALLY I was able to overcome, fight, focus, change and FINISH. Many will not understand what it took to get here. It's fine. It was my journey and not theirs. As tensions continue to rise in my state I still have to find joy. As I prepare for my graduation in 10 days I understand that others did not have the opportunity to make it to where I am. Others did not have the drive to start and finish. Some had their rights violated and this painted a new reality for them.

I told myself, prior to the pandemic, blatant racism, protests and looting that I would FINALLY celebrate ME! This has not changed because I understand even more now what it took to get to this milestone in my life. As I continue to ask God for guidance I am also praying for the people of this country. We have so much work to do. I will use my education to educate others, give voice to those who are silent and as we sift through the rubble, help to rebuild a broken society.

My final thoughts are to say that any person who has achieved any milestone in your life.. DON'T FORGET TO CELEBRATE YOU! We need to see some encouragement on our feeds and timelines.

Until the next time Be Blessed