Holiday Jitters

Does the holiday season give you the flux? I know as women we typically take on a lot. We are professional multi-taskers. I've found single parents work even harder during the holidays to over-compensate for what they feel their children lack due to a missing partner. Some people dread the holidays because you have the image of laying by the fire and cuddling. Watching Christmas movies and caroling. Looking dreamily into each others eyes and saying "I love you." In actuality, if you truly have a partner, it may not be anywhere near the perception of what you see on TV.

In real life, the holidays can be challenging for all. From mourning those who are no longer with us, not having the companion you feel you deserve or not being able to afford all that you feel that your children "want" and not necessarily need.

I challenge you to do something different this year. STOP! Just STOP! Stop working long hours to buy games and toys for children who may only play with them for a short amount of time. STOP focusing on who is not with you and appreciate who you have in your corner. STOP thinking about the things that you do not have and be grateful for everything that you do have and my #1 recommendation is to STOP COMPLAINING!

Spend time with your children, play games, and eat at the table together. Take a look at yourself and smile. You are wonderful, great and amazing even if you don't feel like you are. Be grateful for the job, house, car or whatever else you have in your life and if it's not up to par.. CHANGE IT!

Until next time, keep doing great things!