Satisfyingly Single

Being single is not an easy process. Waiting on God to bless you with a husband is not an easy process. We often think, "when is it my turn? Why has God not bless me yet?" We see other married couples wishing that were us because they seem so happy. We lone to be married. Sometimes we get so caught up in longing to be married that we lose sight of our purpose. Our purpose is to please God, to seek after him. Seek ye first the kingdom of God and his righteousness, then all these things will be added to you Matt. 6:33. As we live this single life we should be treating God as he is our husband because he is as good as it gets, we're in a relationship with him. Therefore, we act the same as if we're in a natural relationship, we communicate with him, that's through prayer, we always compliment him, that's through praise and worship, we show him we love him, that's by honoring his word, and we trust him with our life. He is our lover, our friend, our confidant and no one comes before him. We have to learn how to be satisfied where we are as singles until we get to where we're going because even when our relationship status changes and we become married, if God is not first, it won't last. Take time to pray and ask God to show you where you lost sight of being satisfied in him by seeking for things outside of him. Repent and forgive yourself and allow God to work in your life. You deserve the best because you are the best!