Single and Waiting

Though you have been single and waiting on God's promise of marriage to come to pass, don't give up on God. He is an on time God and if he said it, he will do it. Don't lose your belief, trust, reliance and assurance of God. Your time will come. Ignore the negative comments from people, ignore those thoughts that you are unloved, there is no one out there for you, and no one wants you. God loves you and because he loves you, you are more than enough. You don't have to give in to the world's way of thinking that you should date someone who is unequally yoked to increase your chances of marriage. Learn to be patient and wait on God, because yes, that may increase your chance of marriage, but you will never have the best mate that God has chosen for you. Choose to be confident in God and not a relationship. I challenge you today to do the 21 Challenge with me. I challenge you to meditate on God's word 3 times for 21 minutes per time each day and watch how God moves!