Where are we now?

2020!!! I seriously just want to scream. Each year we say we are going to do bigger

and better the next year. We are optimistic and thirsty to break through to the new year so that we can set goals and see the vision manifest. This year.... wow. What can I say?

Not only has this pandemic caused so much strife, education and how we deliver it has changed, families have broken apart, jobs that once may have seem stable has crumbled at the seams. People are losing their possessions and many are not aware of the resources that are out there. The way we practice our faith has even changed. All because of the pandemic. There is much to learn as we get ready to move forward into 2021. As many of you know, I listen to Sarah Jakes Roberts often. I was able to catch her IG live and she stated a couple of things that I want to echo here.

1) Our lives have paused but God has not stopped speaking

2) Go beyond the restrictions that may have been imposed on us by society. Create: environments, behaviors and patterns that welcome growth, wellness and prosperity into your life.

I want to take these further. If you follow me, have been mentored by me or had a conversation with me anytime this year, then you know that my focus has been on being grateful, increase, assisting those who I can, being financially whole and keeping family first. The pandemic in itself has been unkind to our communities. People have flocked to the government for help (i.e grants, PPP, unemployment) but this has not been enough to sustain our homes and businesses. I saw this happening and decided that I would move beyond this. God has always been and will always be the head of my life. I have that crazy faith that if I just keep moving and keep building then he will continue to keep providing. Some people may look at my situation this year and say to themselves, "She has lost so much, why is she acting like she have it all?" Well, I have definitely lost ALOT this year but I gained SO MUCH MORE!

At each obstacle that was placed in my way, I continued to pray, fast and ask God for guidance. I no longer wanted to be in the driver seat. Why would I not let the King of Kings, Lord of Lords fight my battles and guide me? So I did just that! I also continued therapy. It seems within the black community there is a stigma around mental health, not me! I faithfully go to therapy. Haven't I revealed to you all that I am the queen of façades and putting on masks? WELL with God and therapy I have broken free from those things, no matter how much it hurt. I continue to push through the pain, hurt, fear, failures and just deal with life as it comes and live it unapologetically. No longer dimming my light to make others comfortable.

So what am I saying? 2020 is not over. Don't rush through it. Learn from it. Grow from it. Go through these next few weeks as if your life depends on it because it truly does. I'm not going to live in a box or place my God in a box. He can do exceedingly abundantly above all we can ask or think. Ephesians 3:20. So no matter what you have gone through or are currently going through in 2020, do not allow this to define who you are as a person. Get up, dust yourself off and keep moving forward. If you are dealing with grief, its okay to grieve but the person who left you will still want you to live on and make them proud. If you are dealing with divorce or a failed relationship, it's okay. Learn from the decisions you made in your past relationship(s), work through that pain and move on. Do not carry the baggage of one relationship to another. Don't do that to the next person and place blame on them for something they did not do. If you are dealing with being unemployed, breathe. You can't pay what you don't have and get to knw you. Is it time for a career change or start that business you always wanted to? Think about it. I can also help you with that ~ www.aamdinvestment.com

No matter what it is, you are alive and you can move on from it. Some things a little more easier than others but regardless it can be done. Breathe. Pray. Plan. Repeat.

Until the next time, keep doing great things and watch great things happen to you!

Dr. K